Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Did you go to NorthSide festival?...No, oh well good for you!

cuz i did, and i must say it was pretty lame. i don't know if it was due to my own fault, or what. but man oh man. somehow it was just a big lame hassle trying to see everyone i brought my 40 dollar badge to see. i'm not sure if it was like this for the whole festival or just for me. but yeah i would get to a show and find out the artist either canceled (FRANCOIS VIROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH THE HORROR), was a no show (marnie stern) and they wouldn't even let me in with my badge to see majik markers after that crazy trek, it was another brooklyn band with the same name (Discovery), i was just completely retarded and as usual confused excepter for ecstatic sunshine (why do i always do that?), their band members were like two hours late and even though i saw them coming it was like 2:30 in the morning and i had to wake up to go to TILDEN BEACH the next day (Kurt Vile), or no one came to dance at their dance party, with a very empty dance floor as a result (jonothan toubin ny night train). so yeah that was my gist of the northside festival, i would like to say that i remembered the bands that i did see and that i cared, but the festival was mostly made up of obscure local bands so if the ones that you particularly know didn't show up the whole thing was a bust. i felt like i paid 40 dollars to walk around williamsburg in the mist and rain. oh WAIT FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! friday was a decent day
i went to death by audio got some free icecream and saw like three acts, one was with cute guys playing rock n roll, the other i don't remember, and then this girl whom i forget though i've been meaning to see her play. she was decent but i was tired and anticipating the show to come at glasslands (and being sent crazy text messages about how i have awesome taste in music hahaha). for glasslands i went to see that group crap, what's their names, they're part of that ever growing mgmt circle ahhhh Acrylics, they were ok, just remember not exactly what was going on. nothing on stage or coming from it seem to link together or was in context with eachother perhaps it was due to exhaustion. i got to get a free D + T magazine with a feature on grizzly bear. i guess to be fair there was saturday too though it was highly dimmed by the Kurt Vile incident, seeing the new version of the Muggabears (Grooms) was very exciting for me even though i liked the MBs wistful slow reverb style the grooms punk sound was very welcomed as well, then their were Woods, they were ok. it was my second time seeing them, it's hard for me to get excited over this new crop of brooklyn bands, they're just so eh to me. but hey maybe i'll love them in another year. then Blues Control, who i really like, kind of funny though i was telling a kid that they have a very textural and loop noise sound definitely not rock, and like the first two songs they play are crazy guitar riffs, hahaha they changed a bit since the last time i saw them