Friday, May 22, 2009

Her Space Holiday, i wish i saved my last experience with the knitting factory show

So her space holiday turns out not to be what the cute girls listen to… at all anymore. Apparently only old guys, creepers, nerds (the true sense of the word nerd, there is no good nerd or bad nerd to me, if it’s a good nerd then it’s not a nerd, just a cool kid playing farce), and the frumpy and ugly girls that date them.
Let me just say once again Bell House completely failed me! I got to the show at 9:30, 9:30, and the show was already 2/3’s over I made it just in time to see the second to last band end their last song and say thank you and goodnight. Kind of wanted to kick myself. But I should’ve known the same happened when I went to see White Williams, I got their and he played two hours ago. So note when Bell House says show is at 7:30 show is at 7:30. The place was pretty empty, it wasn’t till HSH started setting up that the fat the ugly, the nerdy and moderately homely started lining the stage. Of course all of this has nothing to do with the actual performance. Her space came on and seemed very cheerful and in high spirits he welcomed us and more volume on the guitars and base and was ready to get down! The whole show was very lively. The double drummers for this go round added a nice effect, I got kind of confused sometimes and was waiting for drum solos when the opportune times seemed to show up. Kind of guess it wasn’t necessary to have two drummers for a ho down vibe of music just started wishing they were Aa instead. Although I’m not a fan of country twang honky tonk indie music I could tel that’s where mark bianchis heart now lied. I loved his old style of music but when he played the oldies last night they fell kind flat and weren’t worth the revisit besides the exception of… what it Japanese gum, that turned out to be a bit of a highlight. He slightly jammed it out and let the computer play letting both worlds collide and having fun with it and then to make it an extra gem he extended the jam in the middle to sneek in a verse from something to do with my hands. This was extremely cute cuz he did it for the only two girls that were moderately cute in front who cried for it, after he took a sip from a cup of one of the girl’s water and gave her a wink. Note to boy/guy bands do flirt with your girl audience; I don’t know why more bands don’t do this? HELLO THEY’RE THERE TO SEE YOU if you show a girl some attention in a dead crowd you can bet she’ll be your personal rebel rouser. And that’s exactly what happened that girl started to get the crowd moving pulling every one around getting in on the ho-down with her. Speaking of ho-downs I kind of realized why I always make sure I’m in the front at shows KIDS CAN’T DANCE! It was truly embarrassing and made me feel so awkward to be in the audience, one dude doing this awkward shuffle with spasms and this other dude doing just full on major spasms, and just seizures across the board! There were like another two kids next to me who I think were noticing the awkwardness and refrained from dancing and just tap their toes I think afraid of looking just as weird. Unfortunately when the oldies hit I couldn’t help but move a lil but Charlie horses quickly ensued so I’m sure I looked just as awkward as the rest but I’m almost certain I had rhythm :/. Speaking of these spasms, they were all being controlled until the highlight of the night began, I nice lil closing jam that included 1234’s and shouts and shambling drum solos and jams that I really loved, but I think I’m also getting confused the second to last song with the last song, where the lil bird like drumer came down to the audience with a tambourine and drum stick in hands and a smile on face to get the crowd clapping and find his (twin?) brother to join, them walking around in the crowd was my highlight
Speaking of these bird like brothers: