Friday, May 22, 2009

LYMBYC SYSTEM, for cute girls of the future

I just want to say: I HATE YOU BELL HOUSE with your stupid punctual timing. While walking to the venue I was worry myself oh my god it’s 9:30 what if I miss the whole show oh no oh no, no no no way will I miss the show at the very worst I’ll only catch her space holiday. Of course in thinking this I was also thinking no chance in heck that the first band has even stopped playing yet. Upon walking into the bell house I find that the very least is happening, and I make in time to catch the last moment of LYMBYC SYSTEMS lush and beautiful sound. What lil I did catch was truly moving and deep and rhythmic. It’s insane that these two small lil happy cute chipmunk like brothers can produce such a huge sound! From the looks there is no pre sampled sounds that they just cue just two kids engrossed in their instruments with perhaps some looping. I wish there was more I could say about their show, but being that I only caught 2 minutes this is a lot. They were also the only part of the Her Space Holiday show that I was paying attention, I wondered why mark even used the lap top as a backing track to the old songs when he had these two geniuses who probably would’ve made the songs a highlight of the night
Oh wells. I don’t think too many cute girls listen to them, but they should. They make me smile from ear to ear. Definitely caught my self blushing and out of words when trying to buy merch from one at the last show, their next show in new york is in july at union pool. I’M THERE