Saturday, August 29, 2009


so because of my love i went to see both nights at the bandshell. both were amaing, though one was excedingly spectacular. it was also emotionally charged so blue egauls neutral or music and black means emotional that you may want to skip reading if you're not me haha

day 1
August 14, friday

i met up with my lovely lil friend which was great because before hand my happiness was dashed to peices the night before and the following morning. somehow i had a giant falling out through text messages with a friend after hangin out with them. this left me pacing around my room all day and biting my lip reciting absentmintedly "all is ok you're gonna see animal collective and have a blast. agh but how can i be happy knowing a friendship has come to this? ah whatever he's an idiot. stupid stupid stupid". but i finally managed to put on my dress and go and then talk to my lil wise friend who always helps me in these situations. so we left her house with my head a bit cooled off. we got to the bandshell and the line was tremendous! Tremendous! but reached the end. i heard "what did he say" playing and was like "oh my god is that nite jewel? is that her sound checking?! don't tell me she's opening! it can't be, that's just the house dj right?!" of course it was the latter. shortly after they let us in. i had no idea that the bandshell area was such a monstrosity, it felt like an arena to me and i couldn't imagine the place actually being sold out to fill compacity (ofcourse i was wrong). this time around after my crazy stint of having to be upfront and crazy for all their past shows i opted to play it cool this time. my friend knowing i'm crazy offered for us to make it to the front, and i was like "nah lets just sit oh the uphill field i bought BLANKETS!" i was so chill, and i could tell she really appreciated it. i swear after screaming thank you thank you when they started playing chocolate girl as the first song at terminal as if it were for me, i wanted to keep as much distance as being sited as the crazy animal collective girl. we got some jambalya (amazing) and jammed through the set of dam funk, though somehow we thought his name was dj EZ but liked calling him dj FEEL GOOD way better. he had the whole thing feeling like a back yard BB-Q and he was the dj your uncle hired with free food and bear as his pay, ofcourse on a much larger scale though. then it was black dice. i suppose we turned into those sniggering girls that music boys think are real idiots and that we only came cuz we love panda pear and my girls. sorry. but we couldn't help but to crack a few jokes on them just cuz of the scale of the show and the obscurity of the band. we figured that this definitely had to be a case of the emperors new clothes in order for ppl to show exasperated emotional movement to it, or just really F'ed up on something. we also wondered how the whole writing process goes cuz it sounded so improved. i know the very idea of sample music means it can't be totally improvised cuz they have to have preconcieved ideas of what sounds they planned to load to use for the show. maybe that's an appeal about sammple music the sound of improve and freeform that it gives although it is way preconcieved and technical. but alas i'm not a musician nor sampler so have no idea. i haven't seen them since north six when they opened for animal collective, but they were a completely different band then from what i saw now. they were packed with latest artillery of sample machines. but i have to admit they still had the same energy. i then admitted to my friend that i did have a album of theres and i was really into eric copelands album and had seen him before at DBA. i suppose just like all other genres of music each group and their product isn't for everyone, and black dice just isn't for me. i then decided that there wasn't much difference musically from black dice and animal collective and the appeal of animal collective is that there is singing that you can atleast make sense of and relate to plus the composition of their songs has some normal song structure to it like choruses and then rise and falls, black dice is just all over tha place.
finally animal collective came on. i couldn't see a thing and wish i had brought my glasses very bladly. avey tare entered and that was my cue to stand up and be ready to dance! and they started with what whould i want sky which was an interesting opener slow and drowny kind of reminded me of the days when they would open with the dancer. then i think they did who could win a rabbit which is so amazing live and infectious. i realized during the show which i didn't mention before they had this extravagant set which look like from a school play. so durring there whole set the diagrama would move and change which was pretty neat. it was weird my friend and i were the only ones dancing through the thing even she had to sit down during the spaced out part of daily routine. which had started with chores i think right? which i flipped on! i hadn't heard chores since their webster shows! but word no one got up to dance except for during my girls and bro sport, and aye was bro sport just an explosion of sounds and movements for me, i kept worrying that i was going to step on our neigbors bears and trying my best not to be an annoying girl while still having fun. i swore at one point i thought i heard samples of peacebone but i was wrong :/ but the highlight was definitely guys eyes. guys eyes always hits home for me. it's the song that they played during SSS that made me think twice about this band and realize that they are now my new love of music, it's that sound. when i first heard it sound like an implosion like the sound would explode out but then sucked back in. anyways i teared and then stomped all over my area to that song till my necklace broke. i laughed in shock threw on my blanket and continued jumping and stomping. i really love that band they're so good.

day 2
August 15, Saturday

day 2 was substantially better in soooooooo many ways. well first the day started out way bad for me. the stages i were in yesterday were enraged, crazed, and then it all just seemed funny to me. but this morning i woke up and was just soo sad and kept reading the three messages that my newly estranged friend wrote me during the show the day before. thank god for my lil wise amie she somehow managed to keep me from writing him back. but now with no help noon or something stroke and i called and left a message offering to explain, and got heat stroke on my stoop. wondered the streets of new york looking for ganapas and finding boys juggling that made me even more melancholy. finally found some ganapas and hit the subway to head over to the bandshell. i came later this time so it was nice and cool and turning dark. this time i was planning just to sit outside the bandshell and listen (not so much watch) this time for free. found a spot on a hill infact where the hill i sat at within the park the day before but on the otherside of the barricade. pretty prime spot as you can get for free. took out my book layed out my scarf and ate my ganapas. low and behold a figure comes and hovers over me. it's my estranged friend. i was pretty happy i told myself if they were a good friend they would try to find me hear to talk. ofcourse we didn't talked we ate ganapas and shared beers and then danced to animal collective when they started. and oh how they did start!!!! they started out with GRACE. and i flipped my lid i couldn't believe it and then plan flut. all i could was squeak and then jump around to pan flute. then it was like leaf house or something, a good song that i really liked and then #1 i think. my estranged friend was like "what what happened" and i said "NUMBER ONE I CAN'T" believe this. then song for ariel played and it was amazing the sounds just so amazing i told him how i had broke my necklace yesterday and he said that sounds highly unlikely and i got really soar over the fact that he didn't believe in my bodies devoutness to loosing it's ish when they play. then my girls began, which sad to say got me really giddy cuz i knew my friend really liked the song, so i told him to be panda and i'll be avey as we always do. it was so joyous. i dance like a lil fool. so much so that a man came up to me and was like: "i have a vip ticket, but i can't go in cuz my friend has a dog. but you can have the vip ticket and enjoy the show right up front!"
AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! so after finishing the duet to my girls i ran through fireworks to make my way to the entrance. ofcourse when getting there realized that i hadn't made ammends at all, so we did and i even gave him my ganapas and said so long sadly. but as soon as i turned towards the gates i sprinted with the knowledge of vip access on my wrist. i skipped through the gaurds with such a big smile they even smiled and went straight to the front of vip the way it was set up i could see panda bear wailing at the drums for once during fireworks, a bit prolific, but sad i could barely see avey. but i danced and dance which was kind of funny cuz non of the vipp ppl were dancing to pay that amount on tickets and to just sit back like your in a cafe? i could never. but they were all nice enough to say i moved beautifully hahahahaha (i always thought it was cracked out, but ok beautiful). it was just stunning. bro sport just put me in a rapture till my head hurt. i even got to go to their dj after party for free (with vip wrist band) and met avey tare. it was a beautiful night.