Monday, August 3, 2009

Steely Dan / Toro Y Moi

i saw steely dan tonight... last night... whatever. i finally saw them, it was about 10 years too late though from the hight of my love for them. it was aja in it's entirety which is very fortunate of me cuz it's the only ablum that i know and love, by the time my parents bought a cd version of gaucho i was out of my stage of listening to what they do and raging to blink 182. it was my first seated concert too, which has it's plus' and minus'. i think as i get older the plus will become more advantageous as i become less and less of a dancer. i hope i end up like the cute lil 60 year old lady today dancing in the balcony with her lil short hair cut, that would be cute to be a cute old lady. though i enjoyed the concert thuroughly it was kind of said cuz it almost exactly like listening to the cd in my room. they sounded exactly like their recordings, so i was just glad that i didn't pay for my ticket (yikes). wish they played ricky don't loose that number.
Note: when i was lil i would sit and look at that album cover to try and figure out what in the world was going on in it, i still can't figure out as much as could back then, which i imagine is a lady in a komono but what direction is it wrapped so confusing.

oh guess what toro y moi is playing tomorrow at the cake shop, i'm going! hopefully it's like 5 bux (it's 7). never was aware that cake shop had a two drink for one special before 8 that's actually pretty appealing. but yeah so i'm going. must remember that he plays at 8:30 and cake shop is only fashionably late with their shows
Note: that like volume high volume low switch thing that he does with his songs kind of hurts my ears but still so good