Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bitte Orca

did you know that NPR is currently streaming Dirty Projectors new album: Bitte Orca?
for a week till it's released. that's pretty amazing! i'm listen to my second round of the album, i'm not gonna say anything cuz i've only listented to it twice, and i know none of the nuiances and finer details have settled in my conscious yet. But i have really high hopes for this album on first listen. as i said to my friend when asking what i think of it

"it's really beautiful and delicate and intricate, it's like a light pastry that melts in your mouth with a subtle hint of amazing taste that doesn't overwhelm you while walking on a summer day with a light breeze just when your mind was slightly begining to think that the sun was beating a lil too hard on your back, but the breeze comes before you actually notice. in other words upon two listens
it's pretty perfect so far."
and as she replied:
"gahhh i wish you cut all that imagery crap in the beginning. i actually hate
when ppl review albums and they put all that fluff in it. "
!!! but it's trully what it makes me feel when i listen to it. kind of funny how ppl want reviews but don't like you to relate it to things. but how else can you explain something new, but by associating it with things you already know. i say imagery is better than saying, it reminds me of simply red and the guy with the mole on his face done with dirty projectors guys stylistics, maybe not.

friday june 19 @ OTHER MUSIC!!! (so funny i had a preminition they'd be playing other music)
buy my ticket june 5th at 12 (run during lunch)
Sunday July 19 @ Williamsburg Waterfront w/ Magnolia Electric Co (whoa)

can't wait to see them. with my experince of the venue for the 888 boardums boadrums thing i'm really excited, seems perfect for the band and this album