Monday, June 1, 2009

WAVVES, bump it i got my tickets

speaking of Rusty Santos
i've recently been listening to these acoustic cuts made by wavves. which are so eerie and good kind of leans toward the better parts of the wavvves albums that i enjoyed the most.
one really reminds me of rusty santos for some reason (if ppl read this my head would probably be chopped off) and the other obviously kurt cobain (i've never even listened to nirvana before, kind of funny in this day of age you can never pic up an artist album and not only do you know how they sound but you can imagine when others sound like them)
thanks to the crazy whirlwind of contrversy circling this poor group i'm finding alot of links of crazy footage and gems of music that i was never aware of

so speaking of Wavves, last friday i found out that i'm losing my job after this week (dang life's a crackhead :/) so i immediately just started thinking oh man i really need to start saving. but then was like "Bump it!" and bought a 8 dollar burrito from Chipotle and trotted to mercury lounge to buy my wavves ticket for the Bowery show in july.
i don't know what's up with all the turmoil but i just know from my expericence (2 albums and a show in Feb) that all aspects of wavves is fun to me, short and sweet but definitely makes me diddy bop and shake my head in that weird way that girls tend to do to lo fi punk surf like music.
CAN'T WAIT (if it still happens)!

Wednesday 7/15/09 @ Bowery Ballroom: Wavves, Woods, Real Estate, Popo