Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love is All You Need

last night i went to my old haven MAXWELL'S. i haven't been there in ages! it was my most favourite venue ever since my first concert there. but recently has been forgotten with all the diy spaces in brooklyn... or perhaps my short stint of only going to ragers.
i missed the first band that played, wonder if they were anygood. i'll have to check them out (remember the last time a similar instance happen i found a love in chairlift). but i did catch the second opener Real Estate, they were nice, i know i've seen them before at some todd p show but didn't go to see them and kind of wrote them off (last time i did that was with vivian girls haha. but my first experience just so wasn't my thing i haven't ventured into delving to see what the buzz is all about and if they got better). glad i got to see them intentionally this time cuz i know there are a couple of shows that i'm going to that they're going to be playing at (wavves and northside festival). unfortunately most of their music was kind of lost from my distraction of this dude dancing, not sure dancing as to physical espression, or maybe i'm just so unfamiliar to seeing daning at rock shows perhaps it was. it was definitely interesting to watch and at times awkward. but enough about audience observations back to real estate (hmm maybe the fact that i'm so easily distracted from them is saying somethin) their music was nice and subtle, there were some rocking songs to liven up the set a bit, but i guess for the most part it was pretty forgettable for me, i suppose the stylings just aren't my cup of tea. but they were from jersey! Yeah Jersey!
then was time for love is all. i'm not gonna lie my sudden intrest in love is all is for dual reasons, the better more reasonable of the two was when i sampled thier cd when other music told me to, and i was like oo la la. but before that a lil seed was planted in my head when i saw pictures of a show of theirs and it was just filled with adorable boys, unfortunately i can't find the pictures anymore, which leads me to believe it must've been a totally different groups pictures i saw. going to the show definitely finalized that, cute boy drought! hahaha but no biggie cuz love is all was just a joy to dance to. their songs jump and pop and tell your body to do so as well. you can't help in a live setting to do what you do infront of your mirror in your bedroom while listening to their songs, and maybe more! i like that in the live setting the horns aren't as abbrasive as their studio productions which sometimes make me skipp a song or two cuz i feel like i'm listening to ska, or whatever you call that 90's music that they would always play blips of on The Box, or you can probably still find playing on radio stations in the jersey shore area. the front-woman is a dream to watch perform, just brimming with cuteness. she belted and cried out her lyrics, as if they were her favourite songs too. i was actually able to leave the show sweating a bit, i haven't done that in awhile. those sweaty concerts are always the best concerts! oh yeah just kind of wish i wasn't next to a drunken douche who kept stepping on my foot and not even apologizing, and completely pushing me out of my original spot :( dear duders let's always have fun but let's not get drunk till after the show, or if you do make sure your not a heavy dude next to frail ppl, Thanx! Oh man and i love the bartender! we had a small conversation of how prince never get's old, i forgot your name bartender but thanks for being the only person that talked to me besides the weirdo dancer. ahaha