Monday, June 1, 2009

Glasser: big bang in small adorable package

so friday night not only did i burito it out and buy my wavves ticket, i also set out to go see Glasser at Zebulon.
i had originally set off to go to monster island basement first and Catch BELUGA (i adore beluga), which probably started at 10, but zebulon advertised glasser to start at 10 so i figured i should risk not seeing a local band to see a not local band. i was a bit nerved when i came at 10 and the show didn't start till 11, and worst it wasn't even glasser, glasser didn't play till 12. but even with that i enjoyed both peroformances. the first act was this thick deep psych sounding band. as i chocked down my long island ice tea i enjoyed bobbing my head along. the first song had this crazy catchy riff that girl kept playing it was killing me with goodness. another funny suprise was for the first couple of minutes i was astounded by the cymbal crashing which seemed to be pre recorded till someone actually moved out my way and i was able to see a drum tearing it up on a kit to the far right. OUTSTANDING!
GLASSER. now glasser was just so amazing to watch the girls voice was remarkable very dreamy and haunting which seems to be a very popular style these days which i'm not oppose to. it was a charm to watch them mainly cuz the singer found everthing funny and worth a giggle. she was also full on ready to get serious to coo the audience and cover the room with her lovely voice. once the riffs would begin to play from her accompanied band mate/ guitarist who also seemed charmed by her showmanship. ofcourse the stand out for the show (to me) since i still didn't have the ep yet and only knew two songs were the two songs. Glad was a nice mid song that made me think i was in ancient china via a lovely lil LA chantress. the last was the song that i found myself repeating on my Ipod called Apply, man thats one of the better tribal like songs floating out there these days. they had a pretty spectacular visual projection going too which she named "my video", hahaha kind of reminds me of the cuteness of nite jewel (disclaimer: not comparing them!)