Friday, June 5, 2009

REALLY? REALLY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are they kidding me?!

i feel like someone is pulling my leg. some one is pulling my leg right? why is every band producers now, i should've known that the world of noise/synths/sampling would blur so easily to bands just becoming producers. but even with that it seems like seeing them live will be fun and not to miss (without missing francois virot though)

grrr wish i knew html code you can find the song through this link (orange shirt)

this song kind of hits me and i can't help but like it in all of it's cheesiness like a bootleg the DREAM

i think they're playing at the Northside festival unless there is another brooklyn Discovery. a lil weary cuz i haven't seen an official blog state it.

Thursday june 11 @ Spike Hill: Gigantic Hands, Himalaya, Discovery, Me