Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mon francais Avey Tare

Francois virot is quickly rising to be my favourite artist of the moment. actually i think it's very safe to say that he is. first time i heard him was awhile ago, i was getting songs from his album tout gache tout perdu ( all spoilt all lost... if my rusty french serves me right). my friend, who i think released a 7" of his, sent me links of Say fiesta and Casscade Kisses. i would listen those songs non stop on my ipod. unfortunately my ipod broke and i lost the songs and his name (i couldn't remember his last name for the life of me) so it was hard to find him again. but recently i've been following the scheduling of the Northside festival since i bought a badge and i found out that Francois Virot is opening for a show at union pool the first night! how excited i was to see that name and that i automatically recognize it. since then i've been devouring all songs i could find and listening to them on repeat. as before, Say fiesta and Casscade Kisses are reigning over my ipod (sleeker version now).

it's hard not to mention animal collective when listening to his stuff, i'm not one to compare artists to artists, but this time it's kind of hard since animal collective are my current fly by night "favourite" group. but the styling of alot of his songs especially tout gache tout perdu can really make you think of campfire songs, even some of those avey and kria songs, and sung tongs particularly winters love . but don't think of it as a copy cat. i think rather it was more of a zeitgeist sort of thing cuz i think both releases were around that same error (don't quote me). but where animal collective left off with their "freak folk" francois stuck too it evolving it to a fresher, crisper, and more joyous album in Yes or No. he's definitely his own artist with his own voice and it's even clearer in this album, i love it so much!

completely contemplating of pretending that this is an official blog and asking him for an interview for "what cute girls listen to" even though i'd be the only one reading it. just feel like their should be more on him especially in the US, and i wouldn't mind being the first to start it.

he's playing the following date(s) over here:
Thursday June 11 @ Union Pool w/ sharon van etten and others
(gotta find someone that i can text so i can see what time he's about to begin when i'm over at spike hill to see discovery and himalaya, may not be worth the trouble though if i miss the UP show)
Saturday June 13 @ house show "somewhere" really hoping that's somewhere in the tristate area